∴ Integrative Massage ∴

My integrative massage focuses on what each specific body needs in order to reset, find pain relief, and restore balance within itself. This is a customizable session just for you. Together we will develop a plan for your session based on your needs. It will draw from a number of my hands on massage modalities that I’ve learned throughout my career to cater to your specific body as you relax to ambient lo-if beats. This is a straight forward session that is recommended for those experiencing tension, chronic pain and structural issues and are not interested in the more esoteric side of healing. Prior to the session, we will discuss your physical state and condition and decide on the best course of action. Integrative sessions may contain all or any of the following: neuromuscular and myofascial release techniques, myozen, relaxing Swedish strokes, deep structural work, sports massage, applied kinesiology, and traditional Thai stretching techniques. Together we will find the perfect combination of modalities to restore balance within your body.

 ∴ 1 hr $90/1.5hr $120/2hr $150∴

∴ Turn Up the Magic ∴

This treatment is similar to the integrative massage in that it draws from all of my massage techniques and modalities and works towards restoring balance and pain relief throughout the body. However, this session is where the magic really kicks in. This will be a very free flowing session that incorporates Norse based energy work and magic in a dark glowing atmosphere. We will keep talking to a minimum as you enjoy a folk ritual focused playlist to help take you into a trans-like state and regulate the nervous system. Deep healing and transformation will take place here and hopefully leave you wrapped in glowing warmth and coziness for the rest of the day.

∴ 1hr $111 / 1.5hr $148 / 2hr $185 ∴

∴ Prenatal Massage ∴

This session takes extra care to nurture all the parents-to-be. This is an integrative massage utilizing side lying positions and comfortable pillows to accommodate your growing belly and happy baby.

∴ 1hr $100 / 1.5hr $135 / 2hr $165 ∴

∴ Wellness Add-Ons 

 Currently being updated!

∴ Fire Cupping ∴

Fire cupping can be added to any session 90 minutes or longer at no additional cost.

*cancellation policy* if you need to cancel your appointment, you must do so no later than 24 hours before your appointment time.   If you fail to do so, you will be responsible for 100% of the treatment cost.***